Intimify Body Whitening Serum In Pakistan

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Buy Intimify Body Whitening Serum In Pakistan At Starting Price Of Rs 1450 – Available In Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar ,Multan, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Quetta And All Other Major Cities Of Pakistan

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Intimify Body Whitening Serum In Pakistan
Intimify Body Whitening Serum Price In Pakistan PKR 1450/-

It firms up your skin and deeply hydrates it. It reconstructs, heals, soothes, and restores the skin. Additionally, it lightens the scars from acne that remain on the skin. By lowering melanin synthesis in the skin, it aids in the reduction of hyperpigmentation. Early indications of aging are diminished and delayed by using the serum twice daily. It improves the youthfulness and freshness of the skin while also minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. It is a natural, non-greasy lotion for firming the skin. These components, which have been scientifically established, improve the appearance of your skin and lessen aging symptoms. The lotion not only calms the skin but also restores its natural pigmentation. The Intimify serum offers exceptional skin hydration when used daily. 

The skin tone is evened out and made brighter with the aid of Intimify Body Whitening Serum. protects your skin from UV damage, boosts the synthesis of collagen, and gives you a shine. With their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics, the natural oils in this skin-rejuvenating lotion aid in the healing and calming of your skin. It provides a healthier and younger-looking skin by tightening the skin overnight and restoring the skin's suppleness. It creates a shield on the skin that shields it from damaging environmental stresses.

Is whitening serum good?

Compared to the 5-10 per cent of active ingredients present in commercial skin brightening creams and lotions, Whitening Serum is more potent. This serum contains exfoliating components like AHA, BHA and Vitamin C. These help peel off the top layer of the skin so that new, healthy skin cells can take their place.

Which body serum is best for skin whitening?

1. Spawake Face Serum, Brightening Triple Care with Vitamin C, B3 and E. Spawake Face Serum, a potent blend of vitamin C, B3, and E, offers triple care for radiant skin. Infused with the brightening power of vitamin C, it combats dullness, fights pigmentation, and promotes a luminous skin texture.

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Intimify Body Whitening Serum In Pakistan

Product Size 30 Ml
Product item Form Serum
Product Made in USA

mazhar Verified Purchase 2023-12-23 08:49:09

good results

Usama Verified Purchase 2023-12-23 08:51:21

I have Used many Product Butt it was amazing and very resutls thankx

Samreen Verified Purchase 2023-12-23 08:51:36

Best Result For Body Shine and Care

Harsh Sharma Verified Purchase 2023-12-23 08:51:50

I don't like this product. After using it for 2-3 weeks, I started having pimples on my face .

Sarah Verified Purchase 2023-12-23 08:52:30

I have been using this serum for a few weeks now and I am very impressed with the results! My dark spots have visibly faded and my skin looks much brighter and more even

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